Dr. Green approaches therapy as an opportunity to meet clients where they are and to support their growth to achieve personalized goals. No two clients are the same. As such, Dr. Green’s therapy is personalized to address the unique histories and needs of each person who comes through her door. Her warmth, candor and non-judgmental stance are the qualities Dr. Green’s clients herald as her strengths and the key to their relationship with her and the catalyst to their development.

Taking a comprehensive approach to understanding client’s lives and experiences is key to helping them change. Initial schedule alterations or behavioral modification is often the first step in therapy. These decisions are made within the context of a client’s values and goals. Moving forward, Dr. Green addresses symptoms according to empirically based therapies or those that the research best supports.

Dr. Green has received extensive training and experience employing cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mindfulness based acceptance and commitment therapy. While these are not the only approaches she uses, Dr. Green’s expertise lends itself best to address anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, co-parenting and interpersonal difficulties.